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Team Rehab Physical Therapy Insurance Plan Participation
Insurance Plan Participation 
We currently participate in and are IN NETWORK with most Traditional, PPO, POS, MCO, ECO and HMO insurance programs. In addition we are participating providers with Medicare, Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident/Personal Injury Protection(PIP) insurance programs. In today's health care environment coverage for physical therapy varies greatly with the type and extent of insurance plan you have. To obtain physical therapy benefits a pre-certification or ongoing certification process may be required. Contact us directly to discuss your specific plan and let us begin to help you!
Direct Access to Physical Therapy in the State of New Jersey
In the State of New Jersey, patients can be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist without a physician's referral or prescription. Some insurance plans may REQUIRE you to consult with a physician and obtain a prescription or referral for physical therapy first in order for services to be reimbursable to your provider so please check with your plan for details, limitations and/or requirements. Please note that a physical therapist is required to refer patient to a licensed health care provider if there is reason to believe that services outside of physical therapy are needed or the patient has failed to show reasonable progress within 30 days of initial treatment. 
Patient Financial Responsibilties
We encourage you to be familiar with your insurance plan(s) and we will work with your to identify your available coverage for physical therapy as well as any benefit limitations or conditions for access as well as deductible and required per visit co-payments. For your convenience we accept payments in form of cash, check as well as Visa, Master Card and Discover.