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Team Rehab Physical Therapy Services
"Climbing Mt. Possible one step at a time"
A primary goal of physical therapy is to maximize the functional capacity of an individuals weakened, damaged or diseased tissues by positively influencing their bodies ability to heal itself through the use of therapeutic modalities, therapeutic procedures and therapeutic exercises. 

Physical therapists are health care professionals with 7 seven years or more of  of educational training who assist individuals maintain, restore, and improve movement, promote healthy activity and better health thus enabling individuals of all ages to have optimal functioning and quality of life.  Physical therapists also strive to ensure patient safety during their recovery and apply evidence to provide efficient and cost effective care. In addition, physical therapists are involved in the promotion of patient  and community health, wellness, and fitness through risk factor identification and the provision of services to reduce risk, slow the progression of  functional decline and disability, and enhance participation in important life activities.

Our focus here at Team Rehab is primarily addressing injuries resulting from normal life activities as well as trauma associated from motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries and recreational and sports activities. 
Some Conditions Successfully Treated with Physical Therapy
Acute and Chronic Back and Neck Pains
Arthritic conditions
Whiplash Injuries - car accidents
Slip and Fall Injuries
Neck and Lumbar Degenerative Joint Disease - wear and tear
Herniated disc (any spinal location)
Sciatica-Lumbar Radiculopathy 
Cervial Radiculopathy
Muscle Strains Tears
Ligament Sprains and Tears
Tendonitis/Tendonosis/Bursitis -upper/lower extremties
Frozen Shoulder-Adhesive Capsulitis
Patellofemoral dysfunction
Plantar Fascitis/Heel Pain
Meniscus and other Cartilage Injuries
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction/TMD/TMJ
Joint Replacements(Hip, Knee, Shoulder)
Post Fracture Care
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Vestibular Rehabilitation/BPPV
Medical Supplies and Bracing 
As a convenience to you and your physician we may be able to assist you obtain necessary medical supplies or bracing solutions for post operative care, pain managment, joint protection. Please give us a call and see if we can help. 
Special Programs
Work Conditioning
Functional Capacity Assessments/Evaluations
Post Therapy/After Care Programs
Injury Prevention Consultation

Scope of Practice
​At Team Rehab Physical Therapy our focus is on successfully treating orthopedic injuries to muscles, tendons, bone and ligaments resulting from accidents associated with normal life activities, trauma associated from motor vehicle accidents, cumulative trauma or repetitive stress injuries, work related injuries and sports injuries 
Team Rehab Physical Therapy