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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I bring with me on my first visit?
Please bring the referral and or prescription from your doctor, your insurance card, a form of personal identification(driver's license) as well as results of any recent diagnostic or evaluative tests you may have had. If you have original X-ray, MRI, CT films feel free to bring them with you. We also suggest you bring reading glasses if you need them since there will be some paperwork for you to complete as part of your initial visit. 

Also please wear or bring loose fitting clothing so your therapist can assess areas on your body that will be focus of treatment. Clothing should be comfortable exercising in since a major part of our focus is directed towards therapeutic exercises and functional activities. Michael will perform an evaluation to determine any performance deficits or problems you are currently having and that are interfering with day to day activities.  This evaluation will include a detailed history, objective testing and a professional opinion on how to address your specific issues or problems. Treatment options and your recovery goals will assist in developing your specific, individualized plan.
How long will my session be each visit?
On your first visit you can typically expect to be here in our clinic for a total of 60 to 90 minutes. On subsequent visits, treatment visits can be from 30-60 minutes in length. In certain situations therapy times may be longer or shorter based on your specific needs.
How many sessions will I have?
The number of sessions you have depends on a many different factors including type and severity of injury or illness as well as your personal goals regarding recovery. Some conditions can be addressed in 1  visit while others may necessitate visits over several months. Your therapist will discuss your unique situation and discuss treatment options with you. 
What types of treatment will I receive?
Based on the initial and ongoing evaluations physical therapy treatments will often use of therapeutic modalities to decreased pain symptoms and improve circulation,  manual therapy(hands on techniques) to improve mobility of soft tissues and joints as well as therapeutic exercises to restore function. We encourage self treatment options when appropriate. Patient education plays a very important role during entire process and we encourage questions at all points during recovery process. 
How will you communicate with my physician?
A detailed written report is prepared after your initial evaluation and is sent to your referring physician or group outlining our findings and recommendations. PT updates will be prepared prior to your next physician visit so please let us know when you will be seeing your doctor. If necessary because your therapist has a specific concern or would like to change or modify your program a call to physician may be appropriate. 
If I think physical therapy would be helpful can I speak to my physician and ask for a prescription or referral?
​Absolutely! If you have a problem or a concern that you think physical therapy might be helpful with, give us a call.  We can discuss your concerns and let you know our opinion if physical therapy offers any value to your situation. While you do not need a prescription by law in the State of New Jersey, your insurance company may require one in order to provide payment for services. One of our motto's is to "keep problems small" so bigger, more chronic problems do not develop. Feel free to call us or your physician to discuss any concerns you have. 
Will my insurance cover physical therapy?
Yes, most plans do provide for coverage for physical therapy services however the extent to which they cover physical therapy may vary greatly. Each plan may have specific benefit limitations,  pre-certification requirements, co-insurance and or co-pay requirements, Your insurance company website should spell out for you your benefits and requirements so that is an excellent place to start. When in doubt give us a call. 
I want to get started. How do I make an appointment?
Please give us a call at 856 845-1253 and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you. Please have your insurance information handy so we can make sure all billing information can be completed correctly
Why physical therapy to treat my problem?
Our goal as physical therapists is to help you resolve your problem or issue and maximize your recovery so that your life returns to its pre-injury state. Appropriate physical therapy has your long term recovery in mind, not just short term pain or symptom relief. We want to provide you with the tools, information and confidence to allow you to manage your condition effectively in the short and long term and prevent recurrence. 
Are there any specific office policies I should be aware of?
We ask that our patients be aware of the following
1. ​please give our office 24 hours notice when possible in event you can not attend your appointment. If calling outside of office hours our answering machine is on 24 hours a day.
2. please call if you have a question, concern or are running late for an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate you.
3. Be on time for your appointment. We try to have all patients taken at their scheduled time. Help us help others stay on schedule.
4. Notify your therapist at least one week in advance prior to returning to your physician so an update progress report can be prepared. 
5. Schedule your appointments in advance when possible to obtain your desired times. We will try our best to accommodate your specific scheduling requests 

What is my role in physical therapy and the rehabilitation and recovery process?
Your role is most important as a "Teammate" in the recovery process. As we often tell our patients, "you are your best therapist". Your active participation in treatment sessions, your feedback regarding responses to treatment, your consistent participation in your home exercise program demonstrates that you have taken ownership of your health and will promote a successful recovery and outcome.